Hidden Comfort Warranty

Warranty is valid only if the unit is installed by a current licensed (HVAC) installer, and the HVAC installer’s license number is listed on the Warranty Card, filled out by the unit’s owner.

Hidden Comfort reserves the right to request written proof of purchase and written verification of proper installation when needed to substantiate for proof of valid warranty claim.

If for any reason the unit has to be removed from its original inside position or the cabinet base has to be repaired for damage, in order to maintain the Warranty, the following conditions must be met:

There must be four inches of clearance from the ceiling to the top of the inside Mini Split unit.
The two Intake Air Vents and Filters must be purchased from Hidden Comfort.
The front fixed Exhaust Vent must also be purchased from Hidden Comfort.

The manufacturer's warranty, terms and conditions apply in all cases.
All products will have warranty for one year on finish and component fit from date of purchase.
Hidden Comfort is not responsible for gross negligence, force majeure, willful damage to product finish or component fit.
Mini-split compressors carry a 7-year warranty for product manufacturer’s defects to the original registered owner, or owners, unless damage is the result of faulty installation, inadequate electrical service, improper use, or repair by unqualified HVAC certified technician.
Mini-split parts and pieces warranty coverage for manufacturer’s defects is 5-year to the original owner, or owners, unless damage is the result of faulty installation, inadequate selection or improper use.

If the customer/dealer does not wish to pay for the suspected defective part or component up front, they are welcome to wait for our receipt and review of the item for our confirmation of the defect, before a new part or component shall be shipped. Hidden Comfort required proof of purchase from the invoice showing a unique serial number, along with the warranty card, so the suspect item can be evaluated. Once an item failure is verified, and negligence was not involved, the claim will be handled with expedience, according to stated warranty policy. Labor cost to remove defective parts and install replacements will be assessed by Hidden Comfort on an individual claim basis at the time of claim.

Warranty on the 32" LED smart TV or the 40" LED smart TV is one year.
All accessories: speakers, mainboard, cables, remote control etc. are warranted for manufacturer's defect only.

The outdoor compressor needs to be mounted at least two feet above the ground in snowy conditions.
It also needs to be well protected by a roof or cover that does not restrict airflow, but keeps snow off and away from the unit.