More and more home and business owners are realizing the benefits of using a ductless heating and cooling system for their zone heating or cooling needs. They love the ductless system, but the hate the look of the mini-split hanging on their wall. Today’s home and business owners are looking for a tasteful appearance in their living or working spaces. They require elegance and distinction in their furniture as much as they want performance.

At Aqua Zone Comfort, we heard the call, and a new generation of heating & cooling was born, disguised as a beautiful piece of fireplace furniture or as a luxurious cabinet model. Everyone wants to reduce energy costs, and I’m sure if you had a beautiful piece of furniture that could heat, cool and reduce your energy bill by 50% I’m sure you would want to know how.

Hidden Comfort furniture can supplement your current heating and cooling systems by allowing you to heat and cool the rooms you use most often, instead of wasting energy on the ones you seldom use. Or you can replace your outdated system with the latest technology to significantly lower your energy bill, while improving the air quality and reducing your impact on the environment.

Our "Hidden Comfort" furniture unit is made of real wood, hand crafted to allow us to hide the mini split in plain sight, almost anywhere in your home. But, unlike a traditional mini split, “Hidden Comfort” can increase the appraised value of your home by $4,500 to $8,000 depending on your location. It’s an investment that can pay for itself many times over.

Hidden Comfort is a beautifully decorated piece of furniture using mini-split technology hidden inside the furniture itself to heat & cool while reduce energy costs. For more information on home comfort heating and cooling systems, please visit us at aquazonecomfort.com or call 877-219-1760 today!

Consumers looking for a single zone ductless heating & cooling systems for their home or business will find what they need and more when they purchase Hidden Comfort Fireplace Furniture from Aqua Zone Comfort. It is one of the best residential heating and cooling systems on the market. It provides a 20 SEER mini split unit inside a beautifully designed fireplace replica which will heat or cool a room throughout every season all year long.

These units can also offer sounds for a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere any time of the year. Homeowners are amazed when they see these beautiful ductless systems that make their home more beautiful and comfortable than they ever imagined. Home and business owners should check out all the models Hidden Comfort Furniture offers, so they can make a sound decision for their heating and cooling needs.