The story begins in 1996 with a unique vision and passion of one man’s dream to develop an alternative heating source company with a strong moral compass. His company would offer only the finest quality products, professionally engineered and manufactured, and do so at the lowest possible cost. Quite simply, creating "The Best for Less".

Dave Nyhof, our owner and president, set out to form Natures Comfort, LLC, and change the alternative energy industry. Today, Natures Comfort, LLC is one of the largest alternative energy companies in the US, proudly manufacturing and selling beautiful, world class products from commercial wood and residential or business coal fired boiler heating systems, as well as carrying a large supply of parts and offering hands on service to our network of dealers.

After several very successful years in the alternative heating business, some of our customers began to ask for something more. They wanted a product that would heat certain areas in their homes or offices where they were spending most of their time, rather than their entire building to save on their energy cost. So Dave set out to find the answer for our customers.

The first idea was to build a box resembling a fireplace, equip it with a heat exchanger and run a hot water line from the water heater through the heat exchanger and then back to the water heater. A programmable thermostat would kick on a fan place inside the fireplace box behind the heat exchanger and blow warm air out into the room or other area were the unit was placed. There would be no extra cost for the home owner because the hot water was already in place, and there would be no water waste because the water was returned to the water heater to be recycled after use.

At this point in our story, Dave’s brother Mike suggested using a mini-split rather than a heat exchanger so the unit could heat and cool for the owner. Once the mini- split was tested and successful, they decided to place a 32″ SMART TV in the unit so they could display heating or cooling scenes according to the season. But you could also just watch TV or play video games if you prefer while still enjoying the heating or cooling aspects. Today’s unit is a beautiful decorative piece of furniture that you can proudly display in your home while enjoying the soothing heat from filtered air in the winter while watching a multitude of different musical fireplace scenes on your new 32″ TV.

By the same token, during the cooling season you and immerse yourself in the cool filtered air while watching a number of musical winter waterfall or snow fall scenes also on your new 32″ SMART TV or just watch TV or play video games. All of these versions are controlled by just one remote control unit.

Our manufacturing partners have demonstrated a proven record of superior craftsmanship, enduring quality, and genuine value. Their professionalism and expertise, along with our designs are further assurance that you have made an excellent selection for your zone heating and cooling requirements when you purchase a Hidden Comfort unit from Aqua Zone Comfort, LLC. We are a new name, but our reputation is built on many years creating and producing quality alternative energy products. We do our very best job every day, because we know a great job today, will bring referrals from family, friends and neighbors tomorrow.

Having an alternative energy source to heat and cool can enhance the enjoyment and pride of your home or business, plus it will help protect your investment, while also adding lasting value. With new world class alternative heating, and cooling your home or business will have a fresh energy efficient, low cost, low maintenance, solution backed by our inclusive limited warranty. We offer a 7 year warranty on the compressor and condenser and 5 years on defective parts and pieces according to the manufacturer’s warranty. Our promise to you is straight forward; superior products, low prices, “Simply the Best”

Welcome to Aqua Zone Comfort, LLC,s family of Hidden Comfort products, we look forward to serving you.